Pair a cold beverage with your meal for the ultimate refreshment! Please note, beverage options vary by location.

East Location

Pepsi products are available in 2L and 20 oz. sizes.

Pizzeria Location

Select beverages and beers are also available for carryout.


Pepsi Products  -  $2.29
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mist Twist, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Mug Root Beer, Orange Crush, Fruit Punch

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea  -  $2.29
Served sweetened or unsweetened

Flavored Tea  -  $2.49
Raspberry, peach or strawberry

Lemonade  -  $2.29

Flavored Lemonade  -  $2.49
Raspberry, peach or strawberry

Kids' Drinks  -  $1.00
Milk or Pepsi product

Beer, Wine & Spirits
We offer an assortment of beers, wines and spirits for the enjoyment of our patrons age 21 and older. Ask your server for selections.